How to forget about the past

By: Rihab Ch.

How to forget about the past

Sometimes in life, some moments seems to be so hard, you can pass through a bad experience, you don’t know what you have to do and you’ll be so frustrated that you can even lose believing in yourself, you want to let go and forget but it became harder to get over it…

I believe that living in this situation make the person unable to think, figuring out a solution is more difficult but I also believe that that could be easier if you take it as a lesson,

Of course you’ll want to forget about all the pain that this situation caused to you, so at first, you have to forgive, forgive yourself despite the mistakes, forget about the mistakes that you’ve made and just say that Allah wanted you to learn some lesson from it, so you could build your own personality, but you don’t want to learn the same lesson twice, so don’t repeat those mistakes again, you have to thank Allah, and just remember that you don’t want to live that pain again, forgive the people around you, even if they were not nice to you, and thank whom were there for you and shared your pain trying to make you feel better those persons are your real friends, so a hard situation help you find real friends and like we say “a friend in need is a friend indeed “

Second a problem like this makes you think about who are you and what you want to do with your life, it shows you that your life need your courage to survive in it, and you did pass a hard moment, and you still alive so you are a hero, never forget that you are the hero of your own life story, so you have to build your own personality and look at yourself in the mirror with so much pride and self-confidence, that will bring joy and happiness in your life everyday and that will help you forget the bad days you passed, be strong and everything will work out naturally,

You should never have regrets, not even one, and be happy, always be happy, believe in yourself, nothing is perfect, and life has bad, moments and good ones, but you should know that: the bad moments help you taste the good ones, well, my best friend told me once, in school we take exams after learning the lessons while in life you learn lessons after taking exams, so we have to believe that a bad situation is a hard exam, but you should take it anyway, cause the lesson you’ll learn is so much important, fill your life with joy, and smiles, just be happy…


The Will of Change

We all look to change ourselves to the best, and we all want to live a happy and a beautiful life, but what we really need to do what we want to get, what we wish is the WILL of change. You might read a book or listen to that talk about changing our life to what we want. And you may think it’s so easy, and all you need is a simple plan and some time to do it. Well, fortunately it’s really easy to change your life, and a simple plan and some time is all you need to do it, but what you must have to reach that beautiful goal; CHANGING, is the will, a great will that makes you walk on the way of a successful change in your life. And you may ask; how you can get this will?

At the beginning I seek for this will in everywhere around me, I seek it in my family, friends, environment and my near world, and it really works. These sources could give you a great will to change yourself to the better, and I really get that will from these sources. But, I’ve always had one problem with the change I’ve done; it had always been temporary, I had never got a continuous change, the lifelong change I wish. I thought a lot about this problem, what was going wrong, why I always get a short change, why it doesn’t last, all these questions I have in my mind lead me to the main cause of the problem, the will, and that lead me to the problem, it’s in the source of my will of change. Those sources gave me the will I need to change, but since they weren’t around me all the time, the will they gave me were not continuous, it was just when I’m close to these sources. So I have to find an ultimate source of the will I need to change. And I’ve found the best one, Me; yourself is the best source of the will you’ll need to change, it’s always there for you, and it can last forever as long as you want to change yourself to the better. So don’t look so far for something you have inside. Just seek in yourself for the reasons you want to change yourself for, why you want that change. That will lead you to the resources that we talked about at the beginning, but this time it’ll come from your soul?, and that’s better, because it will last for ever.

Don’t forget that, seek for the will of change in yourself, deep down in your heart, and don’t look far away for something you already have inside…

“Another thing I personally believe in, don’t waste a lot of time reading about how to change or about self-training or NLP etc. Just a little could be perfect, it’s like medicine; you should take as much as you need, any extra dose will be poisonous“. “Remember that”