Make yourself Happy

Specila Thanks For Clara

In the name Of ALLAH

Make Yourself Happy

You definitely want, as I, to make yourself happy as much as you can, who don’t?!

Here are some steps that helped me, and will help you to be happy if you just apply them seriously in your everyday life.

First: No Need to Rush

I want you to know that making yourself happy, and spread joy and delight all over around, is so easy if you just give yourself some time. It’s not gonna happen in one day, at least you will need week to start feeling that you change something in your life and in a few weeks to be certain that your life is on the way to be more beautiful, as long as you commit to continue this plan of changing your life to the better.

So just be patient, and don’t bustle about that. Everything in this world happens slowly, the dawn, the sunrise, the sunset, the plants, and every single movement you see around you takes its time. If you plant a seed would you set and watch it till it grow bigger and bigger? Or do you expect it the next day to be a beautiful flower. Remember when you were an embryo in your mother womb. You take nine months to give your parent that beautiful smile. So why now you want everything to happen in a few days! Why you work today and want to get the results on the next day? Give yourself the time and stay commitment to change your life, and you will be just great in no time J

And be sure that the more time you spend on upgrading your life, the more beautiful it will be. Great sculpture take more time than you can imagine, and the more time you spend on it, adding more details to it, the more fascinating it will be. And people think that those artists have special gifts!!! It’s all about time and patience.

Second: Determine What You Want of Your Life

No car can go to the unknown. And no one wants to be that person who just live for nothing, and spend his life just wasting his abilities and power doing nothing. It’s not good to live your life without headlines of what you want from yourself, and a CLEAR plan to walk on. Don’t let the flow guide you. Fly away of the flock and be whatever you want to be. I’m not gonna talk about that so much now cause I’ll go into the details later, but for now, set and think about your future, just see where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you want to be.

Third: Commitment Makes the Impossible Possible

Everything is possible. That’s a fact. So why we sometimes fail to do something and we said “it’s impossible!” or at least “I can’t do it!” Why we sometimes try over and over and yet we fail. Is it that we don’t have what it takes to succeed or we are trying to do impossible things?

The answer is Commitment. When you work on something, and want it to be done, all you need is commitment. Did you start a diet and failed to lose those extra pounds? Did you tried to quit smoking and you failed soon? Did you start a daily sport activity and stop it after some days? We all do and the reason we stop or fail is about commitment. When you don’t have enough dose of commitment you will quit in no time. And you will not finish what you start. And then you will think it’s impossible or you don’t have what it takes to do it. And you think people who make what had done what you couldn’t genius or so lucky!

So you should know that’s it’s all about commitment. You will not achieve great things in your life without commitment and patience. Make a commitment to yourself that you will do what you can to make your life better and better. And remember that “Commitment = Success. No Commitment = Fail”.

4th: Step by Step

You want to change your life, well we all want. But you should know that this Big Move will not happen in one day and it will not be done in one step. There is no magic wand to make your life upside down in one move. When you “REALLY” want to make a difference in your life you should know that it will take a lot of effort of you. You will have to put a plan, and schedule and work on it step by step. And this strategy “Step by Step” guarantee a lot of thing to you: you will enjoy the whole thing, you will not quit cause you will not feel bored since you do small steps every day not the whole thing in one weekend, you will have a lot of faith in yourself as you get close to achieve what you want and the most important thing is that you will Succeed. So however big was your dream, you can make it if you do it step by step.

To be continued 😉


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