Things you have to do to be Happy

Things you have to do to be Happy

You should know that making yourself happy is not easy as you think. You have to work on things and get rid of things. You have to be patient and not to rush. It will take time and it’s not going to happen in two or three days. So here are some things you should work on to make yourself happy.

Fight Procrastination

I said ‘’fight’’ because it’s really a battle; it’s not easy at all to get rid of procrastination completely. And I think that there will be always some procrastination in our life. But there is a difference between 100 % and 3 – 4 % of procrastination. Be sure that nothing could harm you like this disease. It’s so malignant and the progress so slow and comes with so bad results. So you should really be aware of this disease and try to eliminate it as soon as possible. In utopia there must be no procrastination, and since we live in the real life we must try to keep the procrastination at the minimal level in order to keep our life at the level we want.

And there are many reasons for procrastination we will have a look at them.

1 – Fear of the outcome

Sometimes we’re afraid we’ll fail.  Sometimes we’re subconsciously afraid we’ll succeed and then we’d have to deal with all the disruption (growth) and change that follows success.  And other times it’s our fear of rejection or simply our fear of looking like a fool if we fail.

But in real life you have to learn something very important: when you do something you are in front of two ways:

1st you do it > you succeed or you fail.

2nd you don’t do it > you fail.

So if we look at it from a mathematical point of view it will be better to do it. And not even that, the fail in 1 is not the same of the fail in 2. Cause the 1st fail comes with some experience and teaches you a new lessons so you can succeed next time you try, but the 2nd fail comes with nothing.

Have a look:

You succeed You fail Results
You give it a try 1 outcome and 1 experience. 0 outcomes and 1 experience.
1+1 = 2 0+1 = 1
You don’t try 0 outcomes and 0 experiences. 0+0 = 0

So no matter how big your next step is, GO ON. And before we continue don’t ever say that ‘’I don’t have enough experience or enough training for this step of my life so I have to train more’’ and you procrastinate it! Don’t fool yourself like that, as we said if you fail you will learn and if you didn’t try you will not learn and next time you will fail again.

2 – Laziness

It’s natural, but it’s not to let it control your daily life. “I have to do this,” we think to ourselves.  “But I don’t have to do it now.” To conquer this bad habit think of these two points:

1st if you didn’t do it now you have to do it later, but later you have another things to do, so you  will have to jobs to do at the same time and that will affect the quality of the outcomes.

2nd if you didn’t do what you have to do now, what would you do? Will you do something useful, probably NO. So don’t waste time! And do ‘’what you have to do now’’ now.

And a very good advice that helps a lot to get rid of this is rewarding yourself. It’s very useful way to keep yourself on the way. And it’s funny too but 100% effective. Try it 😉

Lack of motivation could really affect your daily activities so always keep in mind that you will reward yourself even if others didn’t. I used to go and eat at a popular restaurant after each exam. It’s very nice interesting and motivating.

3 – Not knowing where or how to start

Or maybe the task just looms in front of you as a big block, like a building with no doors.  You walk around its perimeter and you don’t immediately see a way in.  How do you get in?  Where do you begin?  You can’t figure it out, so you set the task aside.

Every time you face a new challenge you will have this problem. But it’s a good thing that every job has a start point and an end point. So think about them and it’s easy to discover those two points, so start with what you can and things will show themselves soon. You don’t have to know the entire HOW, you just need the first step, not the whole stairs. Imagine a car at night going from a city to another, this car can light up just the next 100 meter to you, though you can drive hundreds of kilometers with this 100 meter of light. So since you know What you want, the HOW will show itself to you.

Once something has a beginning and an end, it’s a lot easier to start seeing the middle.  And usually you can work from both ends until you meet in the middle.

Therefore don’t give up.  Uncover the starting and ending points and start filling in the blanks one at a time.

4 – Perfectionism

We talked about this point, sometimes we don’t go to the next challenge ‘cause we think that our current level of skill is not enough, so we procrastinate as we think we will work on our skill and improve them. But guess what! We wouldn’t improve our skill unless we didn’t make mistakes, and we can’t make mistakes if we didn’t try. So no real advantage by procrastination.

And guess what else, there is a lot of other ideas and options will show up when you try and start you mission. And they won’t show up if you procrastinate.


By taking the time and initiative to understand your own reasons for procrastinating, and devoting a little energy to take the necessary steps to move forward, you can beat procrastination.  We all can.

In fact, simply writing this article was a testament to this.  I kept procrastinating on writing it because I lacked focus.  So I locked myself in my den, eliminated all distractions, kept the end in mind and started writing.  And as usual, starting was the hardest part.  Now I’m done. And you are done reading it 😉


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