Journey of life – I learned

Journey of life

By: Rihab Ch.

An engineer who is going to change the world and make it a better place.

A Brilliant writer and an amazing artist.

and this is what she learned.

I Learned

In the adventure that is: life, lessons are so important, we only live once so we try hard enough to make it work, try so badly to make it happen, we work, we fight, we struggle, we fall, we Learn, and we stand up again…Life is a beautiful gift, it’s the most amazing blessing that Allah gave you, look around you, look at yourself, don’t you see? You’re a miracle, despite everything you did, all mistakes you made; you’re still here, alive. So I won’t tell you how to live, I want you to learn how to be thankful;

Every living human being, thinks, he believe, he work, he searches, he find, but what makes us different are our interests, I may love science, you may prefer music, another one may love acting, that’s what makes life interesting, again, we find to ourselves another belief in common, we all want to change the world in our way, we all want to leave our print somewhere, somehow, we want it so badly, that we’re ready to do anything for it, don’t we??

Well, all those kind of thoughts, feelings, emotions keeps us alive, whether, we do it or not, whether we achieve our dreams or not, whether you win or lose you’re still alive, so if you did it congratulation, you made it to your next level, it becomes you new starting point, be thankful to Allah, to those who helped you, to those who inspired you, to yourself; fix new goal, new level to reach, new dreams to achieve…

If you didn’t then it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world nor your death, be thankful, stand up again, work for it again, dream again, love again, SMILE, cause it worth, cry if you want to, but only if it boost you up, then jump, don’t be afraid of falling, cause you fell, and nothing happed…

To change the world you need to change your way of looking at the world. Things happened that may changes us, but sometimes we change ourselves, so we don’t quiet, so we avoid failure, so we can be happy, but we always need to be thankful, it’s why we live, it’s why we dream, it’s why we’re here…

From failing, I learned to be thankful, I learned to enjoy my life, whether it’s in the best moments, or the worst, I learned how to look back, I learned to love every moment, I learned to live as It’s my last day to live, I learned to give without waiting for return, I learned how can I win, I learned not to be afraid, I learned that a smile can change a life, I learned how to stand up after falling, I learned how to take care of myself, I learned how to be alone, I learned how to work, how to dream, and most important how to be thankful…

There comes a time when each one of us look back, try to realize where he is in his life, try to find out what did he achieved, and in which level he is; at this point, we can be pretty hard on ourselves, we can blame time, blame others for our failures, blame what we call causes, but what hurts most is when we blame ourselves for failing, the difference between a thankful person, and a non thankful person at this point, is that the thankful would smile, while the other one cries…

The smile doesn’t really mean that he’s done everything he wanted to and did nothing wrong in his life, it doesn’t mean that he achieved all his dreams without falling, it certainly doesn’t mean that he’s a saint, it only means that he doesn’t regret anything, and if he had to start his life all over again, he would’ve done the same things; funny right, he doesn’t care about his mistakes, about what he did wrong, isn’t he stupid much? Personally, I don’t think so, I think that he’s great, he’s a thankful person, and all what he believes in; is that everything happen for a reason, so the cause of this life he’s living, is not only the good choices and the hard work, it’s also the bad choices, the failures and the depressions…

So all what we can wish for in our lives is living it with no regrets, enjoying every moment of it, living by the edge is what makes the difference; sanding up after falling, fighting back until the last drop of blood in the veins, is, what makes a man great, so standup be inspired and be great.
After all, success is the good fortune that comes from: aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration…


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